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Sinj Silk Wall Dempul Ap
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04 Jul 2018
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Selling Silk Wall Sika Sil Ap is a non-acid silicone designed primarily for filling gaps and waterproof connections between different substrates including glass, metal, painted surfaces, wood, acrylic, polycarbonate, ceramics and concrete.
Sikasil glue well on materials that are not porous, durable, elastic, resistant to weather and UV.
APIK water 100% waterproof, not corrosive and odor does not sting. very good for interior and exterior applications.

How to Apply:

Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry and free of dust, oil and others
Cut the end of the catridge, cut the nozzle to fit the required size and attach the nozzle on the catridge. Put the catridge on the silicon shoot.
Fire with 45 degrees slope
between nozzle and surface to disealant
Push the gun until silicon out of the catridge into the nozzle to make sure the silicon is ready for use
For a clean finish, paste the paper soles between the sides before the application
Puree or trim before silicon forms a layer of skin (between 5 minutes) with a spatula dipped in a detergent
Clean the remaining sealant immediately with a cloth that is dulled oil
Sealant will form a layer of skin in 5 minutes, dry touch 30 minutes and completely dry within 72 hours
Once dried perfectly, sikasil can be trimmed by cutting with the tip of the knife, but try not to do it

Cycles are not recommended for use on overly moving objects, under waterlines, areas that are traversed, structural glass or aquariums. Perform prior tests on plastics to determine suitability. complete the paint before applying the sealant. Sealant can not be painted afterwards. For the suitability of this product for a plan of use based on user responsibility.
Sikasil AP should be stored inside, kept away from direct sunlight, shelf life minimum 12 months if stored dam dry and cold conditions.

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