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Paint Interior Flaw-less
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Specification of Paint Interior Flaw-less

Interior Paint Flaw-less is a premium acrylic-based paint that has a luxurious and captivating color, as it is specially formulated to beautify your interior walls for longer periods of time. This paint has perfect lid power with a smooth and luxurious finish, and protects the interior walls of the dirt so that your walls will stay clean. NIPPON FLAW-LESS is safe for families and environmentally friendly, due to low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), low odor and no lead, mercury or formaldehyde.

Note: VOCs are chemicals present in the air, harmful to health and the environment

Data Applications
Number of Layers: 2 (two) layers.
Theoretical Coverage: 9 - 11 m2 / liter / layer.
Drying Time:
• Dry Touch: 30 minutes.
• Dried Hard: 1 hour.
Next Painting Interval: 3 hours.

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